Yet another ‘too long for social media’ reply…

Which brings us to the reason for this blog post
(with a few facts taken from one of my other blog posts, why  re-invent the wheel?)

Okay, do I really want to indulge this? Probably not, but, oh what the hell….

To begin with, as a general rule, I tend to question the validity of arguments written in mostly caps (sorry, just a weird quirk I developed around ’94 or so when the net began to be saturated with people of questionable literacy from AOL) but last I checked, no one was trying to smuggle WoMD, militia, or standard weapons across the Mexican border, so the comparison’s kind of silly in the first place (not that I’m defending the “great wall of Jordan”, any more than I’m in support of building [another] wall in Mexico, it’s equally idiotic)


maybe standard weapons, but I’m guessing they are far more likely to flow in the opposite direction. The vast majority of illegal immigrants from Mexico, or anywhere for that matter, are people who came here legally and overstayed their visas, NOT something a wall is going to prevent in any event. But, you know…..

the whole “let’s build a big wall” concept worked so well for Berlin right? (pre-emptively: Yes, I get the difference, the point remains, it’s simply another obstacle to be circumvented, a band-aid at best, not really a deterrent, locks only keep honest people out)

The comparisons of Trump to Hitler, a bit goofy and hysterical though they may be (and in my opinion it IS a rather hysterical, clutching at straws kind of argument, albeit an amusing one), do kind of hammer home the point that this country is becoming more fascist by the day. The really terrifying thing is that, all of these brain-washed American citizens who are completely hypnotized by the disinformation disseminated by The Ministry of Truth  aka main stream  media, are fully participating in the demise of their own freedom. I’m quite sure Nazi Germany started out the same way, a little rule here, a little law there, a little something that used to be perfectly okay suddenly taken away in the name of national security. Look around, it’s happening here, all the time, the over-militarization of the police force, blanket surveillance, a camera in every corner etc, totalitarianism is creeping in little by little,(a fact Trump has stated, in so may words, he considers necessary) so slowly most people won’t notice until it’s too late. He’s also big on pressing the gullible American public’s “scary terrorists are coming to get us” button, promising yet more military spending, where 90% of your tax dollars go anyway, they sure as hell don’t, (and still won’t), go toward infrastructure, despite his promises to the contrary. Sure, I can just imagine all the defense contractors the US does business with  (that is, McDonnell Douglas, Sikorsky, General Dynamics, AVCO Corp….) lining up in support of downsizing their contracts so America’s infrastructure can be repaired.

Then there’s the drug smuggling argument, the vast majority of drugs smuggled into the US from Mexico arrived through tunnels, that is, they went under the current wall, or were driven right through customs on the open freeway, flown in on a plane etc, so build as big a wall as you want, unless you build DOWN, and man it with anti-aircraft guns, it’s going to prevent nothing. Let’s not forget as well, you only hear about the drugs that don’t get through (typically with a street value in the millions) the street value of what does get through, is in the Billions. As a matter of fact, as far as drugs/criminality are concerned, a wall isn’t going to prevent anything at all, we are talking about criminals here, drug-laws, gun-control-laws, walls, locks etc aren’t real high on their priority list, locks only keep honest people out, so basically, what’s being advocated here, is keeping the law abiding immigrants out, the criminal element will find a way, they always do. Here’s a novel concept, why not take that $4b, no $8b, no $10b, no $12b, he SAYS it’s going to cost, (though the Last Week Tonight video I posted estimated it at closer to $28b, and say what you will about the program, they do, fact check their references) and feed the children that go hungry every day in this country?

By the way, as far as high dollar Mexican exports go, where do you suppose the largest market for illegal drugs on the planet is anyway?

The good old US of A, , and guess where the largest demographic of drug users is, that would be down-town suburbia, (also the good old US of A) in other words, white folk, (hey, we like to get high, sue us whoops, don’t say THAT too loud around “Little Donnie”  he just might.) don’t let the fact that the police arrest mostly minorities fool you, the majority of drugs in the US are purchased and consumed by whites. So, of course other countries bring drugs here, the US is a good customer. It doesn’t help that the government is virtually just as involved in the drug trade as the cartels are, which would not, by the way, even exist were it not for the US war on drugs.

The drug trade and organized crime in general, generates TRILLIONS every year, do you seriously believe Uncle Sam is interested in STOPPING that? One would have to be pretty naive to think the corporately owned and operated US government would ignore that kind of revenue, no, it wants its cut, trust me. Then there’s the DEA/Sinaloa connection, those drugs and drug dealers this great wall of Mexico is going to keep out? They’re going to get here anyway because in most cases the DEA is paid, in either money or information, to look the other way, but don’t take my word for it…

“Fast and Furious” (the movie) wasn’t actually 100% fiction, it got its name and inspiration here:…or you can read the Motion for discovery in the case: it’s a fascinating read, rather illuminating.

Perhaps the most amusing campaign ad I’ve see Trump endorse lately is the one where so and so was murdered by a so called “illegal immigrant” gang banger. So wait, lemme get this straight, this murder victim, wouldn’t have been murdered by “LEGAL” gang-bangers? As if the guy being in the country illegally had fuckall to do with him being in a gang. Oh right, all gang-bangers, drug dealers and rapists in America are the people Mexico “sends here” (his words)  illegally, almost forgot, thanks Donald “no, I love the Mexicans, many many Mexicans work for me” Trump, for that not bigoted at all tidbit (I mean, naturally there are a bunch of guys in the Mexican government sitting around going “Yeah, we got the tab on the wall Don, thanks for employing our guys with the lawn work”). In the end, I’m afraid the majority of “immigrants” of any stripe, in America, like all of them, since the US was formed (you know, like, everyone except the Native Americans?) came here, with their families, seeking a better life than was possible where they came from. In fact, a good many of today’s immigrants are fleeing various nightmares CREATED by US foreign policy, whether they were bombed out of house and home (the euphemism collateral damage ring any bells?) or are simply fleeing rampant drug violence created, more or less, by the failed war on drugs. So, yes, I consider Trump’s statements vis a vis building a wall however serious about it he may be, to be pure populist rubbish, the art of the deal, social engineering at its finest, whatever he lacks in the social graces, he makes up for in his ability to manipulate a somewhat susceptible American public.

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